TGIU (Thank God It’s Updated)

Home screen

Yep, TGIU. We have been working diligently to bring you the best experience of finding events… so drum roll please.
The new update takes the best out of the first version mixed in with some really cool features. We realized, events are better with friends, and we are bringing friends right to you. Calester now features a group creation feature to help you collaborate better with your friends, family or even colleagues. Simply create a group and you’re prompt to the dashboard.
Group dash

From the dashboard, you can invite friends to your group, send out an email blast to members of the group in addition to externals, you can vote up or down an event to help you decide which event to do for your group. It’s your group and you’re in control. You can have an unlimited number of groups, so use them freely to make groups with your close friends, your work friends, your family, wife/girlfriend, a group you volunteer with… whatever!

We have still kept the event finding look which we received many positive comments about, but we added a cool new feature with the event listings. Now you can add the event to your own person calendar or bookmark it to a group.


Really looking forward to your feedback on the update. We are working hard to meet your demands and your suggestions so we always love to hear from our users. Our next update will include a calendar integration so you and your group can compare calendars to find the free times for your group… stay tuned and bookmark away!

-Mohamed El Mahallawy

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